Install Moses CAT Server

The computer aided translation (CAT) server communicates with the machine translation server to provide services to the CASMACAT Workbench


The CAT server is available at the following Git repository:

 cd /opt/casmacat
 git clone git:// cat-server

This directory contains the binary "predict". If this binary does not work on your platform, you can compile it from source:

 g++ main.cpp -o predict


Currently, the CAT server is set up to only serve one language pair (and system). It calls the MT server with a HTTP request.

You can run the CAT server by specifying the port it itself is listening to:

 ./ --port 9997 --mt-port 9999 --mt-host

This points to Edinburgh's example MT server. How to set up for own MT server is described on the next page.


If you want to test, if your CAT server works, without also setting up a machine translation server, you can again use the server that runs at the University of Edinburgh.

First, edit inc/config.ini in the web-server installation to point to your own CAT server:

 itpserver = ""

Start your CAT server (see command above), reload the web page of the workbench and check if everything still works.

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